Here’s the latest missive from soon-to-be KC First Lady Gloria Squitiro, who wrote regularly about the campaign in e-mails to supporters.

This one was dated Friday.

Dear Friends,

Well, just as I suspected, election night was a real nail biter. Luckily for my nerves, we were always in the lead, but I’ve got to tell you, that vote was too close for comfort. But we did it, didn’t we?! By we, I mean you and us, as it really was a group effort — Funk and I know that we could not have done this alone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the campaign today and one of the strangest things that I keep going back to is how it never failed, that when someone walked into the doublewide, they would immediately become caught up in the energy of the campaign, so much so, that when they walked back out the door, they did so with an armload of work to do! I’m sure that it must have made some of the poor souls question what in the world happened to them in the trailer.

That’s kind of how it was for me. My initial intention was just to help my dear old hubby get set up in his headquarters and then to quietly walk back out the door and into my own life again. I never expected to work around the clock for four months. But like you, I got caught up in the energy of it all and here I sit, still working for the big lug 3 days after the election. Not only that, but I’ve decided to volunteer part-time in the Mayor’s office so that I can continue to provide a personal touch so that people feel like they are included in all of the happenings down at city hall.

Funk and I want to thank you all again for helping to make this happen. We promise you that we will do our very best to make you proud of us and we will work hard to continue to earn your faith and trust. And as the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” I cannot wait for you to see my hubby unleashed. He’s the smartest hick I know and I know that he’s going to do wonder for this community.

Until next week, we bid you a good night.

All the best,

Gloria & Mark