Just got back from the cabin

Just got back from the cabin. I didn’t get as much done on the book proposal as I wanted to. Instead, I went through our photographs to spark my memory of incidents to include in the book. So I guess it’s all good, right? Funk immediately rushed into w

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Christmas Newsletter 2008

Dear friends and family, To borrow a phrase from the late Jerry Garcia, “it’s been a long strange trip” this year. I’ll get to the gory details a little later, for now I’m happy to report that the four of us are healthy and well, even if a tiny bit frayed around the edges. Tara’s in-love. We met the new beau last April while we were in Pittsburgh for Tara’s graduation. Mid-way through the visit my beloved daughter whispered to me that Charles was on his best behavior because he wanted to make a good first impression. I took in […]

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Christmas Newsletter 2007

Dear Friends & Family, This time last year was all about the possibility of Funk getting elected Mayor of Kansas City. When that letter was written, Funk and I both knew it in our bones that he would be elected, but we also knew that we were going to have to work really hard to feel that we deserved it. The campaign itself was wildly fun, but exhausting, and though I can’t say that we’d ever do it again, it was a wonderful experience. By default, I became Funk’s campaign manager. And because Funk won the election, he now thinks […]

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