C'mon Funk! The 3-Book Series

Book One: May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery

Funk calls her “A Skydiver Afraid of Heights.” Someone who figures out how to spend a cost-free summer in Europe, arranges it all, but when it’s time to leave, has an anxiety attack walking out the door.

In this first volume of her humorous, sharp-witted, and brutally honest memoir, Gloria pushes past her fears and spends the summer abroad before setting up a campaign headquarters. Then, without any experience, she helps Funk cross the finish line—only to learn that being Kansas City’s First Lady will be much more difficult than she could’ve ever imagined (but those stories are saved for later books).

In sharing her story of courage and becoming her New and Better Self Gloria hopes to inspire others to step out in confidence, to make a difference where it counts, and to stand up for others . . . and yourself.

“Gloria puts into words what’s in our heads at 4 a.m.” —Review

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Book Two: C’mon Funk, Move Your Ass: How a Demure Little Wife Made Her Husband a Big City Mayor

Gloria isn’t filled with doubt when making dreams happen for others. When Funk asked if she’d set up his headquarters, she threw herself in without flinching.

Though she was apolitical herself, in the end, the campaign wasn’t anything different than what she was already used to. The politics of giving birth in America. Of being a woman in our country. Even the politics of living within a family.

All the campaign took was planning and organizing, and what mom isn’t good at that?

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Book Three: Hiding Behind Nice: How a Demure Little Wife Got Herself Legally Banned From City Hall

It’s tough to be the guy wearing the White Hat in a deeply entrenched and corrupt government. Since Funk and Gloria made a formidable team, Funk’s opponents went after his wife with false narratives.

They can throw her out, but they can’t shut her up!

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