C'mon Funk! The 3-Book Series

Book One:  May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery

The first book in the 3-book series encompasses this neurotic homebody’s traipse through Europe, after which I come home, get my children off to school, visit my grieving mother (because as it turns out, unbeknownst to me for two weeks, my father dropped dead while I was on a boat to Europe), and begin setting up my husband Funk’s campaign headquarters for his run for mayor. The book is now on sale at Amazon.

Book two:  C’mon Funk, Move Your A%$: How a Demure Wife Made Her Husband a Big City Mayor (working title)

The second book begins with my husband Funk quitting his job and joining me in his own campaign for mayor. The public is so absolutely thrilled by this beloved government official’s announcement to run for mayor that the phones start ringing off the hook within hours of his announcement press event. I was supposed to bow out of helping him that day, but since he didn’t have volunteers yet, I felt compelled to stay and answer said phones. This eventually led to me running and winning his campaign. The anticipated publication date is Fall 2019.

Book Three: Hiding Behind Nice: The Story of the Legally-Banned First Lady of Kansas City (working title)

The third book details my husband’s controversial time in office: it’s tough to be the guy wearing the White Hat in a deeply entrenched and corrupt government. The narrative includes how my husband and I made a formidable team, and how his opponents tried breaking up that team by creating false narratives. Those falsehoods eventually led to me being legally banned from his office at City Hall, via an official Ordinance that was subsequently overturned for being unconstitutional. They can throw her out, but they can’t shut her up! The anticipated publication date is TBD.