To view the latest Truth Watch video

To view the latest Truth Watch video, “Hallelujah The Funk Stepped In,” please go here, Mark Funkhouser, Re-Elect Mayor Funkhouser Tara Squitiro, Supporters of Mayor Mark Funkhouser, KC for Mayor “Funk” to open RockFest 2011!!!

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For the health and wealth of KC

For the health and wealth of KC, facts you should know about candidate Deb Hermann: From 2003-2007 Hermann voted for 190 TIF deals This year the city will pay $30 million to under performing SuperTIF deals she approved During 2003-2007 she supported tripling the city’s debt from $500 million to $1.5 billion She paid for this with increased taxes – from 2003 to 2006 the city’s total direct tax rate increased by 12.4%

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The TripleWide was a mad house today

The TripleWide was a mad house today. My poor daughter had to juggle being a hostess for Saturdays With The Funk, with dealing with big men coming in for yard sign-planting duty, while schooling others in video editing. But…if she’s getting MARRIED, she better learn what it takes to be a wife. Woman, Volunteer Coordinator, Campaign Manager, Wife – it’s all the same thing – the art of organization.

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Christmas Newsletter 2010

Dear Friends and Family, and the kansas city star, Four years ago I began our Christmas Newsletter with the following words: “Do you feel the crackle in the air? Doesn’t it make you feel as if you’re standing in the midst of royalty? Well, have no fear; it’s just me, trying on my new role as first lady for when my little funky-poo is elected Mayor of Kansas City in the spring of double-o-seven.” Well, part of my prediction was right, Funk was elected Mayor in double-o-seven, but I was wrong about the crackle. That was the sound of gunfire […]

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