Sometimes, there’s too much to be afraid of to be afraid

I stayed back in Hawaii to have another go at editing this long, long, long, very LONG manuscript, so that my book can make its debut in the world as polished as I want it to be. Which means, I’m alone. In a remote part of the island. That’s already out in the middle of nowhere. Although I do sort of have family on the opposite side of the island. The other night I was awakened at 1am to my hair blowing so furiously on my pillow that it felt as if I were standing outside in the major storm […]

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I am certain that someone from above put this in my path the other day. Just when you think there’s not enough love in your world, the Universe shows you that you’re wrong. Thank God my eyes were open to the message this time. Here’s praying that you, too, notice the little heart rocks that are placed in front of your footsteps!

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Learn from the past, but bring it forward

I’ve noticed that people my age (58) have a tendency to live in the past. I’m as sentimental as they come, but I had a come-to-Jesus-moment a few years back, and I’ve been in pursuit of bigger and better ever since. Mostly, in a New and Better Me. Looking back made me miss a lot of things. I moved from New York when I was 15, and pined for everything about it for 40 years; holding everyone I met to a standard. And when you do that, of course you’re judged in return: In the back woods of West Virginia, […]

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