Media Citations

“Hit pieces,” —As one feminist reporter confided

My husband Funk was elected Mayor in 2007, much to the Establishment’s horror. They didn’t so much as glance his way during the campaign, as traditionally, it’s the Establishment who called elections in Kansas City. Slipping under the radar as Funk did, they vowed that he wouldn’t be re-elected.

I had no idea their guarantee was focused on me until a reporter for the Hispanic News, Lynn Brunner, asked if I knew there’d been over 68 “hit pieces” written about me. Upon interviewing me some time later that number had grown to well over 500.

What follows is a curated list of those hit pieces.

I have kept the citations to a specific time period. With November 2006 chosen because it was the start of my husband’s first mayoral campaign, and with August 2009 arbitrarily chosen because I had to break the documentation off somewhere.

I’ve included two major citations that go beyond that August 2009 date to demonstrate continued media interest. The first, a cover story in The Kansas City Star, and the second, a two-hour live and exclusive interview on a popular Kansas City talk radio talk show program, 980 Live With Darla Jaye. And more still after this, which I will eventually add, including citations surrounding the release of the first book in my C’mon Funk series in 2019.

The Kansas City Star

Feature: Picture It: Mr. Mayor Mar 15, 2007
Feature: Ready To Be The Voice Of Regular People Mar 24, 2007
Feature: She’s The Mayor Of Funkytown Mar 30, 2007
Funkhouser Has Plenty Of Projects To Tackle Apr 12, 2007
Some Fanfare For The Common Van Apr 27, 2007
Funkhouser And His Team Are Ready To Play Ball May 08, 2007
Fiery Funkhouser Is Feeling His Own Heat Jun 22, 2007
Feature: Political Liability Or Precious Advisor Jul 08, 2007
In Politics, Count On The Spouse To Be An Unpaid But Influential Advisor Jul 09, 2007
When Our First Ladies Join In, We All Win Jul 16, 2007
It’s Time For King Funk To Surrender His Queen Sep 09, 2007
Early Success Deserves Attention Sep 16, 2007
Principle Is Good, But Enough Is Enough Sep 18, 2007
Funkhouser Does No Favors For Northland Sep 26, 2007
Funkhouser Is Likeable But Can He Succeed? Oct 03, 2007
Friendly Advice For The Governor And Mayor Nov 23, 2007
Feature: It’s All Good, KC’s First Lady Says Dec 02, 2007
Feature: Guts And Gloria Dec 03, 2007
Troubling Accusations Of Offensive Language Dec 14, 2007
KC Mayor And Wife Seem To Lack Political Sense And Sensitivity Dec 14, 2007
Kitchen Table Dynamic Is Best Left At Home Dec 16, 2007
Crystal Ball Is As Cracked As Morrison’s Image Dec 16, 2007
Tough Times For Funkhouser And The City Council Dec 20, 2007
To Recover, Funkhouser Needs New Approach Dec 20, 2007
Words That Turned Heads And Turned The Tide Dec 23, 2007
For People Of Color, Racism’s Wounds Remain Raw Dec 26, 2007
And This Year’s Winner of The “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” Award Dec 31, 2007
A Wish List For 2008 Headlines Editorial Staff Jan 02, 2008
Look Back And Look Ahead Jan 07, 2008
Presents Past And Plans For Future Jan 11, 2008
Reader’s Representative Jan 13, 2008
A Performance Audit For Mayor Funkhouser Jan 14, 2008
KC’s Mayor Keeps Alive Needless Divisive Issues Jan 19, 2008
Young Fashion Princess Loves New York Jan 28, 2008
Mayor Funkhouser Jumps From One Ethical Hot Spot To Another Apr 13, 2008
At City Hall, The Animosity Level Is Rising May 28, 2008
Dear Gloria Your Time Is Up Jun 05, 2008
Embarrassing Allegations Against Kansas City Mayor’s Office Jun 06, 2008
The Day That Changed Kansas City’s Balance Of Power Jun 11, 2008
Feature: Squitiro’s Let-It-All-Hang-Out Style Creates Friends, Foes Jul 01, 2008
People Have Spoken, And Squitiro’s Staying Jul 12, 2008
Steve Rose Follows Hogstrom In Leaving KCPT Jul 15, 2008
KC Mayor’s Office Should Divorce Itself From Gloria Squitiro: Her Role Is Clearly Unfair To City Hall Staffers Aug 12, 2008
KC Mayor’s Disturbing Antics Aug 20, 2008
Mayor’s Conspiracy Theory Just Doesn’t Get It Aug 20, 2008
Mayor Should Credit Others For KC Successes Aug 21, 2008
Bunker Mentality Hinders KC Mayor And His Agenda Aug 23, 2008
Emotion Blinds Mayor And Wife Sep 07, 2008
It’s Far Too Early To Count Funkhouser Out Sep 10, 2008
KC Mayor Should Abide By Restrictions Sep 13, 2008
Dear Mr. Mayor, Try Working At Home Sep 17, 2008
KC Council’s Women Leading The Drive For City Volunteer Ordinance Sep 25, 2008
Funkhouser Should Stop Prolonging Dispute Over His Wife Sep 29, 2008
City Hall Sitcom Keeps Us In Stitches Oct 08, 2008
Women On KC Council Playing Pivotal Role Oct 08, 2008
City Hall Silliness Cuts Both Ways Nov 02, 2008
Revoking Our Support For Mark Funkhouser Nov 19, 2008
The Funk Isn’t Sunk Yet Nov 12, 2008
Low Grades For Funkhouser’s High Priorities Nov 13, 2008
The Mayor Is Ready To Move On Nov 23, 2008
The Good Funk Vs. The Bad Dec 03, 2008
Funkhouser’s Tale Isn’t KC’s Biggest Embarrassment Dec 07, 2008
Part I Of The Funkhouser Depositions Dec 10, 2008
Witness Says Squitiro Called White People “Mammy” Too Dec 11, 2008
Flashes Of The Old Funk Are All That’s Left Dec 12, 2008
Election Year Meant No Shortage Of Memorable Quotes Dec 18, 2008
Funkhouser Learns Value Of Been There Done That Dec 22, 2008
Mayor Turns Up Pressure To Fight Volunteer Ordinance Mar 30, 2009
Mayoral Recall Backers Get Their Start On Election Day Apr 07, 2009
Funkhouser Unconcerned Over Recall Effort Apr 10, 2009
Defiant Funkhouser Outlines Goals May 29, 2009
Three Different Signature Numbers Suggested On Recall Jun 10, 2009
Mayor’s Popularity Gap Hurts In Difficult Times Jun 21, 2009
KC Deserves Better Behavior Than This Jun 27, 2009
Mayor’ Wife Takes On Council And Staff In Diary Jul 13, 2009
Diary Of Mayor Funkhouser’s Wife Reveals She Was Upset Jul 14, 2009
Funkhouser Trial Will Proceed Despite Media Coverage Of Wife’s Diary Jul 15, 2009
Retaliation In Mayor’s Office Alleged Jul 15, 2009
Some Readers Think Writing About Gloria Squitiro’s Jul 18, 2009
Diaries Was An Invasion Of Privacy
With Trial Poised To Begin, KC Opts To Settle Jul 24, 2009
Funkhouser’s Folly Is KC’s Costly Burden Jul 24, 2009
Mayor’s Challenge Of KC Volunteer Ordinance Remains Jul 25, 2009
Funkhouser Wins Lawsuit Against Ordinance Barring Wife From His Office Jul 31, 2009
Goodbye, Gloria: KC Elected Just One Mayor Aug 03, 2009
KC Council Restricts Hours Mayor’s Wife Can Volunteer Aug 06, 2009
KC Council Revamps Volunteer Rule, But Funkhouser Reacts Vehemently Aug 07, 2009
Funkhouser, City Council Go For A Roll In The Gutter Aug 07, 2009
Funkhouser Vetoes Council’s Attempt To Limit His Wife’s Volunteering Aug 13, 2009
Funkhouser Vetoes Revised Volunteer Ordinance Aug 13, 2009
Funkhouser Wins Veto: Council’s Volunteer Ordinance Overturned Aug 13, 2009
Will The Mayor’s Wife Return To City Hall Nov 29, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Support The Mayor Sep 26, 2007
Mayor And Wife Are Team Jul 08, 2007
KC’s First Lady Should Act Like One (this, no small coincidence, was printed on my 50th birthday) Jul 05, 2008
Why So Afraid Of Gloria Jul 08, 2008
Sick Of Hearing About Gloria Aug 16, 2008**
Views On Gloria, The Go-Getter Aug 25, 2008
Gloria VS. City Hall Sep 16, 2008
Mayor Funkhouser Created Big Problem Dec 22, 2008
The Subject Was Recalls Apr 14, 2009
KC’s Lack May 20, 2009
Get Ready For More Discrimination Suits Aug 06, 2009
City Hall Feud Hurts KC Aug 14, 2009( On the Editorial page of the Kansas City Star, dated August 16, 2008, there were four references regarding me. It highlights the media’s obsession with the “mayor’s wife.” The references included 2 Letters to the Editor, a political cartoon, and a “Call to Readers” to join the debate on Gloria Squitiro, politics and light rail )

Other Kansas City Local Newspapers

The Kansas City Business Journal Regardless, Squitiro Liability Jun 13, 2007
Mayor Brings Funky Mix So Far Jun 15, 2008
Funkhouser Settles His Part Dec 05, 2008
Funkhouser Wins On Kansas City Volunteer Ordinance Jul 31, 2009
The Pitch Feature: Funk Star Nov 23, 2006
The First Lady Book Club Aug 02, 2007
Dirty Old Town Nov 06, 2008
All You Need Is Love Jan 01, 2009
The Olathe News Squitiro’s Viewpoint Sep 19, 2008
Koster Turns Aside Nepotism Mar 11, 2009
Mayoral Recall Backers Apr 07, 2009
The Daily Record Wife of Kansas City Mayor Aug 12, 2008
KC Hispanic News Feature: KC Hispanic News Interview Dec 8, 2007

National Newspapers

The New York Times Feature: Political Outsider Finds A Fight Inside City Hall May 23, 2009
Recall In Kansas City Fails May 30, 2009
Bid To Recall KC Mayor Ends Jun 17, 2009
Judge Allows Lawsuit Jul 02, 2009
Kansas City To Settle Over Mayor’s Wife’s Comments Jul 23, 2009
Missouri: Deal In Kansas City’s Lawsuit Jul 24, 2009
The Wall Street Journal Feature: Kansas City Gives Mayor’s Helpmate The Old Heave-Ho From City Hall Nov 21, 2008
USA Today Kansas City Mayor Fighting Nov 07, 2008
Kansas City Mayor Muddies Settlement Dec 2008
KC Mayor Files Motion Apr 2009
KC Mayor Vetoes Move To Limit Wife’s Volunteering Aug 13, 2009
The Washington Post Next Year, The Photos Jan 09, 2008
Kansas City Mayor Fights Nov 21, 2008
The San Francisco Gate Kansas City Mayor Muddies Settlement Dec 05, 2008
The Chicago Tribune Gloria Squitiro: Mayor’s Wife, Target Of Lawsuit and Now Author Apr 15, 2009
Yahoo! News KC To Settle Over Wife’s Comments Jul 23, 2009

International Newspaper

The Guardian Who Runs KC, The Mayor Or His Wife? Dec 06, 2008

Kansas City Local Television

FOX Kansas City – WDAF 4
E-mail Comment Stirs Mayoral Race Mar 27, 2007
Feautre: Mrs. Funk: Gloria Squitiro Feb 05, 2008
Mayor Funkhouser & Wife Rear-Ended Feb 29, 2008
City Worker Terminated After Allegations May 20, 2008
City Responds to Lawsuit By Former Aide July 11, 2008
Funkhouser Squares Off With Council Aug 20, 2008
New Volunteer Ordinance: It’s Personal Sep 12, 2008
Mayor’s Wife: I Do Not Volunteer Sep 15, 2008
Mayor Vetoes Volunteer Ordinance Sep 18, 2008
Funkhouser Fighting To Keep Wife At City Sep 20, 2008
Mayor’s Wife Shouts At Airport Police Oct 02, 2008
Mayor Holds Meetings at Home After Wife Oct 31, 2008
Funkhouser Sues City Over Volunteer Nov 07, 2008
Settlement in Lawsuit Against Mayor’s Wife Nov 18, 2008
Mayoral Mess On Display For Nation Nov 22, 2008
Squitiro Denies Slurs in Deposition Dec 01, 2008
Funkhouser’s on Fox News Dec 02, 2008
Lawsuit Brings National Attention Dec 03, 2008
Mayor Fights Ordinance Could Send To Jail Mar 30, 2009
Funkhouser Not Worried By Latest Recall Apr 07, 2009
Mayor’s Wife Target Of Lawsuit, Now Author Apr 15, 2009
Recall Effort Comes Up Short May 06, 2009
Mayor Funkhouser Makes Appearance At African-American Church Jul 26, 2009
Funkhouser Vows To Fight New Volunteer Ordinance Aug 06, 2009
Mayor Funkhouser Vetoes Volunteer Ordinance Aug 13, 2009
Council Fails To Override Volunteer Ordinance Veto Aug 13, 2009                                                                            CBS – KCTV 5
Council Discusses Volunteering Proposal Aug 20, 2008
Mayor, Council Conflict Comes To A Head Sep 02, 2008
Decision About Mayor’s Wife Delayed Sep 04, 2008
Ordinance Could Force Mayor’s Wife Out Sep 11, 2008
Mayor Vetoes Volunteer Ordinance Sep 18, 2008
Kansas City Mayor Seeks Fresh Start Sep 30, 2008
Kansas City Mayor Suing City Nov 07, 2008
Funkhouser Continues Battle With City Hall Nov 26, 2008
KC Mayor, Wife Tell Their Story Dec 02, 2008
Ongoing Saga Between Mayor, Council Continues Dec 04, 2008
Mayor’s Lawyer: Settlement Still On Dec 05, 2008
Top Local News stories of 2008 Listed Dec 2008
Mayor Takes Volunteer Issue To Court Mar 30, 2009
Group Looks For Ousting Of KC Mayor Apr 06, 2009
Recall Effort Falls Short May 31, 2009
Timeline Of Funkhouser Lawsuit Jul 14, 2009
Mayor’s Wife Diary Reveals Frustration Jul 14, 2009
Brooks Criticizes Funkhouser Newsletter Mar 26, 2007
Another Group Pulls Convention Jan 15, 2008
Funkhouser, City Sued By Ex-Staffer Jun 04, 2008
City Holds Hearing On Volunteer Policy Aug 20, 2008
New Restrictions Placed On Volunteers Sep 11, 2008
Funkhouser Wife Could Be Banned From City Sep 16, 2008
Squitiro: I Tried To Leave Mayor’s Office Sep 19, 2008
Council Overrides Mayor’s Veto Sep 25, 2008
Memos Detail Squitiro Airport Incident Oct 02, 2008
Funkhouser-Squitiro Controversy Oct 06, 2008
Funkhouser Holds More Meetings At Home Oct 31, 2008
Mayor Asks Court To Rule On Ordinance Nov 06, 2008
Wolf: Squitiro Caused Tension In City Hall Nov 13, 2008
Funkhouser: I Won’t Try Lawsuit In Media Nov 14, 2008
Settlement Offered In Suit Against Mayor, Wife Nov 17, 2008
Mayor Calls Volunteer Ordinance Silliest Thing Nov 18, 2008
Wall Street Journal Spotlights KC Mayor Spat Nov 21, 2008
Mayor, Wife On Good Morning America Nov 25, 2008
Details Of ‘Mammy-Gate’ Deposition Nov 26, 2008
Mayor’s Wife Blames Councilman In Lawsuit Dec 02, 2008
KC Mayor Settles ‘Mammygate’ Lawsuit Dec 06, 2008
Christmas List Dec 22, 2008
Ford Seeks To Expand Funkhouser Case Jan 11, 2009
KC Councilwoman Says Mayor Retaliated Jan 23, 2009
Funkhouser Blasts Critics, Vows New Focus Jan 25, 2009
KC Mayor Moves Staff Meetings To Library Jan 30, 2009
AG Comments On Mayor’s Possible Nepotism Mar 11, 2009
Funkhouser Recall Effort Starts Saturday Mar 13, 2009
Squitiro Served As Unpaid Advisor To Mayor Mar 30, 2009
City: Mayor Can’t Fight ‘Family’ Rule Apr 25, 2009
City Council Tightens Volunteer Ordinance Apr 30, 2009
Group To Deliver Mayoral Recall Petition May 06, 2009
Funkhouser’s Troubles Make New York Times May 24, 2009
Squitiro To Run Campaign Against Recall Effort May 28, 2009
Group Ends Effort To Recall Funkhouser Jun 15, 2009
‘Mammygate’ Lawsuit Heads To Court Jun 24, 2009
Funkhouser Moves Staff Meetings To Library Jan 30, 2009
AG: Funkhouser Investigation Possible Mar 12, 2009
New Effort To Recall Mayor Mar 16, 2009
Mayor Still Fighting To Keep Wife At City Mar 30, 2009
Bates Discusses Mammygate Settlement Jul 24, 2009
Funkhouser Vetoes Revised Volunteer Ordinance Aug 13, 2009
Breaking News: Council Fails To Override Funk’s Veto Aug 13, 2009                                                              Kansas City Public Television – KCPT
Feature: Talk Back Live Jan 09, 2008
Feature: Week In Review Sep 19, 2008

National Television

ABC News Kansas City Mayor Fighting Volunteer Nov 07, 2008
K.C. Mayor Wants Wife In Office Dec 01, 2008
Good Morning America Feature: K.C. Mayor Wants Wife In Office Daily Dec 04, 2008
Former Aide Files New Complaint Dec 16, 2008
Mayor Muddies Settlement Dec 05, 2008
FOX News Kansas City Mayor Fighting Ordinance Nov 07, 2008
Fox And Friends Feature: Too Close For Comfort Dec 02, 2008
MSNBC Who Runs Kansas City – Mayor Or Wife Dec 04, 2008
CBS News Who’s The Boss In Kansas City? Dec 04, 2008
Kansas City To Settle Over Mayor’s Wife’s Comments Jul 23, 2009
KPLR Group Files Affidavit Apr 06, 2009
WGEM KC Mayor Responds To Recall Apr 10, 2009
KFVS Effort Begins To Recall KC Mayor Apr 06, 2009
KC Mayor’s Wife’s Journal Reveals Jul 14, 2009
KMOV KC Mayor’s Wife’s Journal Reveals Jul 15, 2009
OREGON LIVE The Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Jul 15, 2009
NTV Judge Strikes Down Part Of KC Volunteer Ordinance Jul 31, 2009
KFDA KC Council Fails To Override Mayor’s Veto Aug 14, 2009

Local Radio

KMBZ Squitiro Responds To Suit Aug 09, 2008
Mayor Says He’ll Break The Law Aug 15, 2008
Volunteer? Moi? Sep 16, 2008
Mayor’s Wife Claims Rude Treatment Oct 02, 2008
Wall Street Journal Accesses Funkhouser Nov 15, 2008
Feature: Mayor’s Wife To Pen Book Apr 08, 2009
Funkhouser Recall Effort Fails! Jun 2009
Funkhouser Fight Not Over Jun 2009
“Mammygate” Settled Jul 23, 2009
Breaking News: Mayor To Veto Volunteer Ordinance Again Aug 13,2009
Feature: Exclusive Live Interview 980 Live With Darla Jaye Jan 15, 2010
KCUR Feature: Up To Date Jun 21, 2007
City Responds To Squitiro Remark Jul 12, 2008
Council Presses For Squitiro Resignation Aug 15, 2008
Council: “We’re Not Targeting Gloria Aug 23, 2008
Vote On Volunteer Ordinance Postponed Sep 04, 2008
Council Passed Volunteer Policy Sep 11, 2008
Volunteer Ordinance Passes Sep 12, 2008
Mayor Vetoes Measure To Get Wife Out Sep 18, 2008
Feature: Council Overrides Veto, Bans Gloria Squitiro From Work In Mayor’s Office Sep 25, 2008
Mayor, Wife On Good Morning America Dec 01, 2008
Gloria Alleges Council Member Dec 02, 2008
Mayor Moves Staff To Library Jan 30, 2009
Mayor Says Ordinance Unconstitutional Mar 30, 2009
“Funk Out” Quest Takes Off Apr 06, 2009
Lawsuit Turns Up Wife’s Diary Jul 14, 2009
Rule Barring Mayor’s Wife Was Wrong Jul 31, 2009
KPRS KCMO Mayor Moves Staff To Library Jan 30, 2009

National Radio

NPR Feature: Kansas City Mayor’s Wife Causes A Stir Mar 13, 2009
The Rush Limbaugh Show Hillary Clinton Syndrome Hits Kansas City Politics Dec 05, 2008

Political Cartoons

Kansas City Star He’s Getting a Divorce Fall 2007
Dumb-ee Dec 14, 2007
Hoping For A Good Year Jan 16, 2008
Short Leash Aug 16, 2008
Volunteer Ordinance Aug 22, 2008
Good Advice Sep 27, 2008
Circus Dec 06, 2008
Mayor Fights Back Jan 27, 2009
Schools Jun 10, 2009
Gone With The Wind Jul 15, 2009
Like Gloria’s Schedule Aug 04, 2009
The “New Tools” Initiative Aug 12, 2009
Incidental Comics Portraits of Kansas City Dec 14, 2008

Cover Art

Ink Funk And Gloria 4-Ever Dec 31, 2008
The Pitch John And Yoko Jan 01, 2009

Local Blogs The Funk Better Make Darn Well Sure He’s Got A Stella V-Day Gift Feb 12, 2007
Gloria Squitiro: It’s Time To Unleash The Funk Apr 02, 2007
G-L-O-R-I-A! Apr 03, 2007
Dinner With The Funks Apr 04, 2007
Funk Throws Open House Apr 06, 2007
Gloria Calls It A Hovel Jun 21, 2007
Mayor’s Mum, But Gloria Implies It’s A “Witch Hunt” Oct 31, 2008
Gloria Disses The Midwest Dec 02, 2008
Don’t Let Gloria See This Story About Michelle Obama Feb 03, 2009
Shocker: Gloria Squitiro’s Writing A Book Apr 09, 2009
Trial Tidbits: From Washrooms To Foot-Rubbing Jul 02, 2009
The Not-So Shocking Gloria Diary Jul 14, 2009 Best Christmas Letter Ever? May 02, 2008
Gloria Squitiro, Uncensored July 14, 2009
After Funkhouser Veto, Who Takes The High Road? Aug 13, 2009 In Defense Of Gloria Squitiro Sep 19, 2008 Gloria Squitiro Having The Last Laugh? Sep 23, 2008 Oscar Madness Sweeps: Squitiro Stalked? Feb 25, 2009 Episode Two: “Conflict Pilates” Apr 11, 2009 Would You Like Your Diary Published? Jul 15, 2009

National Blogs (Newsweek Editor) In Which The Wife Of The Kansas City Mayor Brings Down The House “The Best Christmas Letter In The History Of Christmas Letters” May 02, 2008 Mark Funkhouser For Mayor: Poodle Video Feb 05, 2007
Remember His First Video? He’s Back With A Second Mar 06, 2007 Video Dog Feb 05, 2007
Kansas City To Settle Over Mayor’s Wife’s Comments Jul 23, 2009 Funkhouser/Squitiro Prove Why We Need Dec 04, 2007 Kansas City Mayor’s Wife Causes Stir Sep 29, 2008 Gloria Squitiro: Squitiro & Funkhouser Dec 02, 2008 Kansas City Mayor Loves His Wife Too Much? Nov 21, 2008

Nationally Published Work

Harper’s Feature: Greeting: Official Probe May 2008