You Never Met Me

SUBJECT: Go away MESSAGE: Go back where you came from. You’ve done enough damage here. I received that email from a woman. A person I’d never met. Who has never […]

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How to Banish Fear

Anxiety. A ferocious emotion. I lived with it for years. My first bout came in my early twenties and was nearly incapacitating. It’s what drove me to therapy. And while […]

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Oo La La!

Eww. In Florida, at 9:13 pm, while innocently reading my book after a long day of visiting my mother, some 90-year old couple in the apartment above me started making […]

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* For F*uck. Why?

“Funk. Why do I have to use an asterisk when I write the word f*ck?” “Because it’s cute.” “It’s not cute, it’s totally phony.” My husband gave me the look […]

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