There is an epidemic of loneliness in our country right now, suicides have never been higher.
To me, a big reason for this conditon is because family doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did. We’re looking for perfect, but what in life is perfect? Exasperating this problem is that many people feel that everyone else has wonderful relationships except for us, so the illusion brings a lot of heartache.
Such as it is, the holidays are actually an agonizing time for many people. Far from joyful.
When living in Kansas City, Funk and I always had a tradition where we welcomed all the strays to our holiday table who had no place else to go. It made for a lot of work and a jam-packed house, but isn’t that what celebrations are about? Inclusiveness? Thankfulness? Giving?
Funk and I will not be doing anything “normal” for Thanksgiving this year. But I refuse to mope around. I’m forcing myself to do something. I’ll try to post about that on the night of Thanksgiving.
For now, please reach out to those who might be alone this year. The karma you rack up by including them will be so worth it.
And for those of you who are completely alone, please try to do something. Anything that brings you a tiny flicker of joy. And in the years that follow, keep building on that spark until it becomes a fiery furnace of happiness