The untimely passing of my beautiful brother Robert

It is with terrible sadness that I report the passing of my brother Robert this afternoon. It was a difficult last few months, and he just couldn’t pull out of it. I miss him, and will mourn all the plans that we never had a chance to put into action. Thank you for your heart […]

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My brother Robert

April 22: One last update on this post: Sunday morning: I’ve spoken with my brother Robert twice a day since he was taken off life support, and each time his voice is stronger than the time before. He still has chemo to contend with, but one foot in front of the other. I thank you […]

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Funk is so weird

Since I was 13 years old, I’ve been hanging with the same group of friends from Long Island. Of course, living in the Midwest for 25 years, Funk had only met them sporadically, and he didn’t meet everyone until we moved back to the East Coast in 2011. This past Memorial Day we had a […]

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