For those of your who are interested in a MAJOR BARGAIN, the eBooks for the first two titles in the C’mon Funk Trilogy are COMPLETELY FREE on Amazon this coming Thursday and Friday, August 17th and 18th.

First Title: May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery—What happens when we risk real talk and stop hiding behind nice? When we reach for brave? An entertaining look at overcoming anxiety and living a bigger, more carefree life. Finding the New and Better You.

Second Title: C’mon Funk Move Your Ass: How a Demure Little Wife Made Her Husband a Big City Mayor—A humorous look at life, love, spirits & NAKED politics.​ Real talk, told from the point of view of an anxious mind.

To download at no cost, all I ask in return is that you please review the books on Amazon, as this is one of the best ways of getting my writing discovered.


Wishing you a lovely week!

The Photo: I only tag along on Funk’s paid business trips when it’s worth it. This one was definitely worth it. Glam at the Plaza Hotel in New York City!