I’ve never been good at chess.

A game where you have to think 10-steps ahead about what the OTHER guy is going to do.

To me, I’d rather we all just get along, work for the common good.

But we don’t. Which means, you can’t just set your target and go for it. Not on the important things. Nope. If you want to succeed, you better think like the other guy.

So it was that I walked into my book interviews today a nervous wreck. Ready for the scandal-questions I knew would come, but forcing myself to stay grounded so I could say what I wanted to say, not what the other guy wanted me to say.

And what’s more, I even enjoyed my time on air today, on both KCUR’s

and on Kansas City Live.  I walked in nervous, and walked out grateful for the time I was given to speak from my heart and mind.

I think I did alright.  

Here’s to you if you don’t let anything stand in the way of your truth. Your power. Your voice.

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