It’s not my fault. THEY created this animal!

From the time I was little, I couldn’t wait to be a wife and a mother. Once Funk and I started dating, I couldn’t wait to do his laundry! Problem was, my knight in “grey” armor was a feminist to the extreme, and wouldn’t have any of it. When we married, he wouldn’t even “let” me take his last name.

It probably took me 15 years to be grateful that the Gods didn’t allow me to hook up with the type of guy I was looking for. Because now, I can’t imagine having given up my beautiful Italian last name for his blunt German one.

The reason?

First, from having undergone two unnecessary cesarean sections.

Then, fast-forward a bunch more years to the Kansas City Star, AFTER my husband became mayor. Where I had to endure blatant sexism and weirdly sexual daily commentary (i.e. reports on my footwear, or so-called lack thereof), because the establishment was trying to run off the people’s mayor.

It was from that experience that any remaining subservient cells ran screaming from my body!

Yet our country’s low regard for women is still intact. An example for me personally: I made the arrangements for Funk and I to spend the night at a little B & B. In fact, the payment went on my credit card. However, the handwritten letter that was slipped under our door, thanking us for our stay, was addressed to guess who?

If you guessed, Mr. Funkhouser, you’d be so right!


Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day!

The photo: Funk, on his last day of work as the City Auditor, shortly before he lost his mind and ran for mayor of Kansas City, Missouri.

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