She slipped her hand in mineOn my leftI looked downTo innocenceThat faceSun-filledSmiling up at meI died to be livingCouldn’t resist but bend, pull her into my sideTo laughWhile hugging herAnd kissing her on the foreheadThrilledHer beingThat slight hand embraced with mineSecureThe two of usThe wavesThem crashing my knees, her chestPeople screamingIn delightTo be freeIt’s the oceanIt’s summertimeAgainPeering behind me for her motherTo see if it’s okayMe, with her daughterA strangerWho steals childrenOn a regular basisThe cosmic mix-upsThe straysI’m a whore for anyone that is drawn to my lightWho notices my soulOut of all the other soulsHow could I not love her child upLove all of them upWhen they love meFirst

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