Well, shit

Well, shit. The Grateful Dead always play a show for me on my birthday (that’s what I tell myself). This year, Funk drove my Covid-tired-ass all the way up to […]

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Like many people

Like many people, I’ve experienced complete annihilation in certain areas of my life—the parts I’ve always considered the most important. As far as I can tell, the pandemic is a […]

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Roe v Wade

Roe v Wade. This isn’t about babies. Never has been. Otherwise, children would have healthcare, education, safety and love. Foster homes would be empty. Women wouldn’t be shamed for staying […]

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Hawaii love

Hawaii love. My sister Jane’s parting gift was laying Hawaii in my lap. She had a 3-month all-expenses-paid offer to go to the big island for medical treatment. She wouldn’t […]

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