Well, shit.

The Grateful Dead always play a show for me on my birthday (that’s what I tell myself). This year, Funk drove my Covid-tired-ass all the way up to Saratoga Springs, New York to see them.

The show that was to begin in 45 minutes was just now cancelled.

John Mayer’s dad fell ill, and good son that he is, John is hanging back to be with him. So, sad news all around.

The good news is, the cover for my 2nd book that is due out this Fall is coming along. Ian Koviak designed it. He did the 1st book too, which won us an award. Ian is more than an artist. He can hold a conversation as well as any of my girlfriends.

Here’s to blue skies for all of us. Lord knows we need it right now. All love to you.

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