Roe v Wade.

This isn’t about babies. Never has been. Otherwise, children would have healthcare, education, safety and love. Foster homes would be empty. Women wouldn’t be shamed for staying home with the children collecting food stamps.

Let’s mandate those things first.

After that, if America continues to feel it’s important to regulate birth, let’s require vasectomies, which are reversible.

For now, the only way through this horror is for women to rise up and band together. To do otherwise, is to proliferate women being enslaved again. To Sisterhood!

The photo: In a former life, I founded BirthWays, where I taught couples how to have beautiful births—and I helped usher many of those babies into this world myself. In my current life, I’m still tending the sacred. It’s work. But it’s necessary work.

P.S. Don’t look at my butt!

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