Hello Folks;   (I loved the pictures)

Just a short line from the proudest Grandpaw in Missouri. All my grandchildren are smart and beautiful and I mean every one of them.

Now having said that let me tell you I really enjoyed the Xmas letter. I read it over three times and I think Gloria has a real talent I think she should expand the letter, keep a journal and write a book. The title should be Where have my little Babies gone. About a sweet, pretty Italian womans battle with herself and others over the empty nest syndrome (spelling ugh) Anyway no matter how you cut it talent like hers where she throws herself and her intermost feelings, and honesty into her writing should not be wasted.

And now on to us. Shirley and I are doing great and we are both in real good health according to the Vets clinic.

The Indian is done and I already have more logs waiting for spring.

Love you all and hope you have a great Xmas

Grandpaw and Shirley

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