Cleanse – Day 5

This is how a typical day goes for the Hawaiian Cleanse:

Be woken up just before dawn to the sounds of loud Hawaiian music (not good for a morning grump like me)Drive 10 minutes to the beach and walk 3-4 miles on the dry sand (I believe this helps remove heavy metals from your body)Swim in the ocean for 30 minutes (I may have this wrong, but apparently every mineral on earth can be found in ocean water)Drink “The Solution”: Filtered deep ocean water (To maintain a modicum of privacy, I’ll leave that up to your imagination to what happens next)Wait an eternity for husband to finish drinking his Solution. Watch said husband’s attitude grow darker. Try not to hate himAlternate taking a hot sauna with a cold shower, for about an hourLight lunch at 1pm (By the end of the Cleanse, we will have ingested 375 different foods. The point being that most Americans eat the same 20 foods each day, and given that different foods restores different cells in your body, American’s aren’t being rejuvenated by the foods they consume. Think “you are what you eat.”Free timeSwim in ocean for another 30 minutes at 4pmSteam bath, 30 minutesEven lighter dinner at 6:30Collapse into bed at 8-9pm, husband goes down even sooner (him being nine years older than me is probably the reason, but bah all the same!)

And there you have it. Not as bad as I feared, but not the funnest thing I’ve ever done either. But…it’s a week out of my life. And I’ve seen how nurturing your body allows you to have a better day-to-day quality of life, so I’ll continue with this lifestyle. At 57 years old – and thank the good Lord for it – Funk and I take no prescription drugs, and we can do everything we need/want to do on a daily basis.

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