I forgot what it was like to be in Kansas City. To be hearing the same things that Funk and I heard 4 years ago. Well, at least one of us is hearing it, the one without the hearing aid:

a. The Strange, But Nice Nonetheless: While riding the Amtrak train from the Grateful Dead concert in Chicago down to Kansas City: Funk is high-fived throughout the 5 cars on the way to the cafe car, the sentiments spoken are all running pretty much the same as what this man said as he pointed Funk out to his children: “Hey, there’s our mayor!”b. The Sweet: While shopping at an antique store in the River Market: Funk is stopped several times for picture taking, the sentiments spoken are much the same as this man’s, “I like what you did as mayor.”c. The Ugh: While standing in line at an estate sale over on the Kansas side: Some lady looks up at Funk all starry-eyed and says, “Where DO I know you from?” Funk says, “I used to be the mayor in Kansas City.” Bashfully, she replies, “Oh, that’s right!” Funk leaves with our purchases, and I’m still standing behind said lady to pay for said purchases, and she turns to me and says, “I feel so stupid.” I say, “Why?” She says, “Because I didn’t recognize him.” I say, “It’s not a big deal.” She says rather primly, “Oh well, he wasn’t a very good mayor.” I say, “He wasn’t?” She says with a humph, “Not from what I’ve heard.”

Oh, to be home again.

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