We traveled to Hawaii for this cleanse for many reasons, but here’s the three most important reasons:

1. When our son was two he developed severe eczema that we treated for three years with Western Medicine: Lots of internal and external steroids and antihistamines. He got worse. When he was five we took him to Lawrence, Kansas to a Japanese acupuncturist who focuses on food as medicine. She told us what to cut from our son’s diet and what to add, and within one summer he was healed. He’s 26 now, and to this day, if he strays from the “Reiko Approved Diet” he gets eczema, and if he really strays, asthma

2. I did 8-week cleanses with Reiko twice a year in Lawrence for over 17 years, but always wanted to go to Hawaii for the Big Cleanse. I overcame my fear of flying to try to save my sister, but as it turns out, this was her gift to me

3. I remain committed to Reiko’s Wellness Path because following her guidelines has given me and my family a higher quality of life. And now that I’m, mmhmm, entering my middle years, I feel it’s more important than ever to nurture good health. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it

I’ll try to fill you in tomorrow on the daily routine of this Hawaiian cleanse

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