Being in Hawaii away from family is lonely, but it does have an upside.

The book that has taken me sooooooo long to write, well, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For real this time! If I continue at my current pace, perhaps it will be written by summer. Then it’s onto the publishing process.

Another upside is that the book notes I made ions ago is cheering me to no end. Funk’s 1st campaign turned out to be a load of fun. Hard work, but a lot of fun! It’s nice to remember it all.

The photograph: Hanging laundry outside to dry and then seeing it flapping in the breeze has always felt like one of life’s sensual offerings. And sleeping on fresh linens only adds to that feeling. (P.S. This is why Funk married me – I’m simple to please. Just ask him.)

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