The big adventure is almost over, I’m flying home tomorrow.

When I arrived Hawaii in early February, I had no idea what I was doing here. I surely didn’t see what the big deal about this place was. I wanted to go home so bad, with my sister having unexpectedly passed, and me away from family.

Funk encouraged me to stick it out, said I’d be disappointed if I didn’t stay, if I didn’t see if I could be so far away, alone for 3 months. My brother Steve thought him cruel, but also said there was a reason for my being here.

Well, this is a photo of the very remote area where I’ve been staying for the past month, and now I’m sad to leave! I still don’t know why I was here, but I suppose the reason will come to me in a few years time.

Anyway, Funk has come to get me, to help me fly back home. And I’m so glad he is getting to experience this little spot of paradise with me.

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