Rainbow to the left of me, sunset to the right, here I am, happy in the middle…

My thoughts this election cycle:

It seems a given that most politicians lie, cheat and steal, so there’s nothing shocking this go-round

And if that’s true, then all that we voters can do is cast our ballot for the individual who we feel lies, cheats and steals from the public the least, and has contributed the most

It also seems a given that, if Americans want politicians who are mostly pure, then we need to not only elect those who are, but we also need to feel compelled to continue standing by them once the liars, cheaters and thieves come gunning for them

And come gunning they will

Because think about it. When a purest begins tying the hands of those who have long since had access to the money and power, what else would happen?

What? They’re gonna just walk away because someone who is not of the establishment is in office?

Nope. Change isn’t pretty. Those looking to regain control will resort to any means, including – lying, cheating and stealing – to have the purest removed from office

I’m apolitical, but this I now know, and only from my husband’s experience as Mayor of Kansas City

So, as always, be careful what you wish for, as the granting comes with obligation

If you want to succeed, that is

For this election though, whoever becomes our next president, our nation needs to support that person, or work respectfully to have them removed from office

Because if we continue trashing our leaders, our nation will not prosper

Worse, I fear we’ll look weak to the rest of the world

And that, more than anything else, opens the door to terrorism

Just a few thoughts from someone who doesn’t know much about anything. But hopefully, you’ll enjoy the photographs!

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