I did not vote for Donald Trump.

But I will not be disrespectful of our country’s newest leader by raging about him.

For one, complaining only makes me powerless – a victim – and that does nothing towards having him removed from office earlier than his elected four years mandates.

Worse, though, if citizens don’t show respect for our country, then who in the WORLD is going to? Imbibing in such weak behavior only sets the stage for terrorism to creep onto our land.

There are many respectful ways to impeach the president-elect, if that’s your desire. Hey, I have an idea! Let’s stop with the vitriolic words and finish the peaceful revolution that was begun in the 60’s.

Now, on to fun things to talk about. The photo is of my beautiful first-born child, from when we were in Florida over the holidays. She’s sitting next to her 91-year-old grandma, sipping some strange cocktail. My mother joined her in the next round.

I wish I liked drinking. Then I wouldn’t have to think about these heady things!

P.S. Happy Birthday Dr. King!!!!!

P.P.S. Can you believe ‘lil ole me grew something so beautiful as my daughter?!

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