Some of the things I learned when my husband ruined my life by running for mayor of Kansas City:

a. The media is not always objective. Seriously, I didn’t know that until then!
b. The media will craft a story, much like screenwriters do. And this to bump sales, control the agenda, or simply to “get even.” For a trusting gal like me, it blew my mind to learn this.
c. When in a position of power, it is never more important to be honest and respectful of your brethren. I sort of knew this from my birthing business, but it really hit home when Funk became mayor.

Funk’s been out of office almost six years now, yet those lessons seem truer today than ever. Because for the moment, at least, it seems that America has lost its way. And to me, our runaway media is responsible for a large part of that.

In my mind, true leaders are innovative, courteous and approachable. Talking respectfully is not only a sign of maturity, but it influences people; whereas talking sh*t digs them more firmly into their positions.

Do you want to be a change maker or just get things off your chest?

I suggest therapy for the latter. C’mon, introspection isn’t so bad! My detailed descriptions of my tortured mind are what keeps my therapist in stitches most of the time. Yet her laughter goes a long way in easing my soul.

The photo: We went to New Orleans this New Years Eve to be with our son Andrew. This is the view from the living room of our vacation rental into the kitchen. Hey now! You gotta find beauty where it finds you.


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