The photo: Funk seeing for the first time the dilapidated trailer that I rented for his 2007 mayoral campaign. And hick that he is, he loved it!

Originally, I started helping my husband with his campaign for mayor only from the standpoint of being a dutiful wife. Strangely enough, I was pretty good at it.

Back then, I worked with Funk’s volunteers in getting my husband’s message out to the public. Most of them were complete brains that had the best ideas. And while I’ve always been good at noticing a good idea when I see one, and then running with putting it into action, or building upon it, I’m floundering in trying to do the same for myself.

The release for C’mon Funk, Move Your Ass is set for this summer or fall, so the talk now is about how to describe volume one.

Is the book about travel? Politics? Rising above fears? Never doing things the regular way? Or is it about finding your voice, standing up for what you believe in, and how you can achieve what feels impossible, no matter who you are?

Looking for some help, I posed this question to my editor, “Andy, if you were asked, what would you say this book is about.” Very earnestly, and somewhat scratching his head, he said, “It’s entertaining, but it’s also ODDLY educational.”

It seems I get this response a lot, a backhanded compliment, and so Andy gave me my laugh of the day.

Anyway, it’s easy to be nice to people (Funk) that require so little.


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