To analyze the recent presidential election, I repeat the words of my daughter, Tara, circa 8 years old, somewhere along 1993.

“Mama, it seems that in our country, the people that come first are:

a. White men
b. Black men
c. White women
d. Black women”

“It does kinda seem like that, babe,” said me, her less-intelligent-than-her mother.

“It must suck to be a black lady,” said Tara.

I think her 8-year-old self was right. In the hierarchy that is America, it appears that we’d rather have a black man as president, and – diplomatically speaking – a less statesman-like white man as president, than to have a woman seated in the oval office.

Oh well. I’d still rather be a woman.

#BeNice! #NoPhoneyZone #THEYCreatedThisAnimal!

The picture: my daughters: Tara, at her exchange sister Anna’s wedding in Verona, Italy. I missed the most beautiful event ever, for not being able to wrap my head around taking the flight over. Ugh. I will conquer this!

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