Sneak Peak: C’mon Funk, Move Your Ass!

“I banged into the doublewide – balancing my bundles in my arms and my body over the buckled up carpet – and went straight to Dottie’s desk. She took the kennel from me, opened the wire door, and placed the scared-stiff puppy between her breasts, murmuring words of adoration in the dog’s ear the whole time. I didn’t know Dottie was as big a dog-nut as my kids are. I left her and the pup behind the reception desk and took my remaining packages to my office. There I had to set up a second home for the dog in the only two free corners of my room, one for sleeping and playing and the other for paper training. As soon as that was done Dottie brought the now sleeping Maria into my office and settled her in the nest—Tara’s t-shirt—just inside the open kennel with the dog’s favorite toy.”

Please note: this Facebook page is almost to the point where I can’t add new friends. So I have set up an author page where I can accept any number of people. Please join me over there to get more of an inside look into our family and my upcoming books:

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The photo: Maria the Poodle – the star of Funk’s first mayoral campaign! She’s nestled in bed with Ginny, our Lab of 18 years.

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