Is there an AA meeting for neurotic people?

Everyone has issues. Overcoming them is more difficult than they need to be, because we have been led to believe that STRONG people DON’T have any! However, believing that nonsense hinders us from evolving to where we want to be.

So…I’m going first!

I am risking putting myself out there for all to make fun of – showing the world how I am a chickenshit at heart – but how I am also forcing myself to overcome the inadequacies that get in my way.

An embarrassing fact about me: I will wait for an elevator to take all by myself, rather than go up immediately. Why? Because if the lift gets stuck between floors, no one will see me freaking out.

I know, very unbecoming. Sucks to be me.

The photo: Funk, the bastard, is UNAFRAID of everything! He wouldn’t think twice about getting inside this elevator.


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