How to survive a trip to the hospital.

A long time ago I was greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel, an internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer treatment and complementary, holistic medicine.

His research showed that “problem patients” had the highest survival rates. And it is because of his insights that I became the animal I am today with regards to dealing with hospital staff. That animal extends to both my past work with doula clients, and now, with dealing with unhealthy and aging family members.

I’ve “saved” many women from unnecessary cesarean sections by being the “bad guy” for them in the hospital. Yet for my sister, while she wanted me to advocate for her, she didn’t know what that looked like. Problem patients are not loved by their doctors! When I became her animal-mediator, she made me stop. That was hard, because for me, I only gave half a sh*t if I was loved by hospital staff or not. Mostly, I just cared that she got well.

BTW: Dr. Siegel goes by Bernie. More evidence of his superiority as a doctor. I run from doctors who call me by my first name, yet refer to themselves with a title. Besides that being absolutely disrespectful, many times, it’s the first sign of incompetence.

The photo: where I was this time last year – my little spot of paradise.

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