Some things are so sad.

I didn’t know Willis Hossler, except through Facebook. I can’t remember how we found each other. All I know is that he responded in the most beautiful way to some of my posts – and they actually helped so much, particularly as I was grieving my sister’s death – and now he is gone. I didn’t even know he was ill.

#BeNice! is more important than ever, because you just never know what someone is going through.

Here are some of his responses.

You aren’t required to have guilt over loving someone enough to try to change their stance on dying. A sister has every right to put your face right up to the glass to make you see the value of your own life ~ Dec. 29, 2016

We don’t have any modern cemeteries in north ohio. In the one where my family is laid to rest there is a little statue of a fairy holding a butterfly. It is a grave but it is so old there are no words left to distinguish it. Its beautiful. Most of the graves are from over 100 years ago some go as far back as the 1700s ~ Nov. 8, 2016

About the clothesline…if you want your clothes to smell like a summer breeze wouldn’t you hang them in a….summer breeze? Lol ~ July 29, 2016

You can’t fix the past and the whAt ifs will anchor your heart and keep her from her journey to the light. All you’re able to do is love her, remember her fondly and hope god embraces her and makes her shine like the sun itself ~ July 15, 2016

Much love to you Willis; I am so honored to have been touched by you. Until we meet on the other side… xoxoxoxoxoxox

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