Signs, Signs, Everywhere!

The other day I posted about finding a heart rock that I felt was placed in my path. I wasn’t having the best day, so it seemed like a message of love sent from above.

Well, I sort of felt it was divine. I’m Italian. I’m a big believer in signs….when they happen to other people. When they happen to me, I think I’m a fraud making things up!

Last night, I found myself awake at 1am thinking about my friend Kevin who unexpectedly passed a few weeks ago. And I got the distinct impression that he put that rock in my path to give to his wife Trudy for him.

Anyone who is in my inner circle knows how much I love my rocks! In 2006, Funk carried 5 pounds of my favorites all around Europe for me. I know it’s weird, but for some reason, they give me comfort and peace.

From last night’s revelation though, it seems that I have to give up my latest find. Again, I’m Italian. You better believe I’m giving that rock to Trudy. I don’t want Kevin-In-Heaven mad at me!

I shouldn’t be reluctant to part with it. I have a few other heart stones that I’ve found in creek beds. The problem is, Trudy’s stone is an oddity. It was discovered on the same stretch of ground that I’ve been traversing for many years, without ever having found one there before.

Even stranger. Today on my walk, fully knowing that I had to give that rock to its rightful owner, I found two more heart stones on that same 4-mile path. But those aren’t meant for me either. On Mother’s Day, Kevin’s mother is getting one, and his sister the other.

Sucks to be me.

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