So many Thanksgivings, and thank the good Lord for it!

I am grateful to again be spending the day with some of the people that I love most in this world, happily participating in our holiday traditions.

My three favorites:

a. Grateful Leaves: where everyone writes 5 things they’re grateful for. After collecting them, I read each aloud, embellishing them with words they should’ve said, and having everyone guess who the leaf belongs to

b. Our version of the “Plaza Lighting Ceremony,” which was always held outside our home, since we were hosting a huge crowd of not just our family, but those we knew had no where else to go

c. And my all-time favorite: not letting anyone back inside until they told me 3 things that they absolutely adored about me. This was done to much moaning and groaning from the crowd, as they waited their turn in the typically frigid Kansas City temperatures

Here’s to you having comforting traditions of your own, and at least one person to share them with today. All love, xoxoxo

The photo: one of our first holidays in our new city. Some faces have come and gone, but most of the important ones will be with me today. My son Andrew will be home next week, and the boy Alex, well, Alex, when are you EVER coming home! From the left: Ange, blank, Nic, Funk, Me, Tara, blank.

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