Today is 2 years since my sister Janes’s too-soon death.

Some things I’ve learned:

I really miss her something awful
I wish I would’ve known her true value to me before she crossed over
Jane never intentionally hurt me
Given that, I wish I could’ve just accepted her for who she was, instead of trying to “fix” her
Because if I had, she would’ve felt more loved, and feeling loved helps overcome heartbreak
And loving her more might’ve helped better than us not discussing her problems
Or discussing them a too-head-on for someone who is not used to that
Jane isn’t mad at me for not knowing the perfect way to respond to her
She’s showed me that she’s happy on the other side, and thank the good Lord for that!
The righthand photo shows the energy she exudes over there, wherever “there” is
Sisters remain sisters, even after death. And if they’re older like mine was, I’m pretty sure they stay watching out for you

Something lighthearted to consider, because I always like to find the humor in any situation: You should ALWAYS stay at the gravesite until your loved one is planted in the earth, lest they have to be dug up and placed where they are supposed to be. What the hell!

Anyways, there’s tons more to absorb about my sister’s death, but this is a start.

I am grateful that I’m not beating myself up anymore over not having learned this before she left, as that helps nothing. To be sure, I am taking what I’ve assimilated so far and running with it.

Here’s to my beautiful sister Jane. xoxoxo

And here’s to wishing that you and your loved ones are all good today! xo

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