Funk forwarded me this article the other day, and included this message in his email, as if I wanted to know all this!

“In addition to TIF etc., the deal includes a straight up cash contribution from the city of $35 million.”

I really have no desire to continue being educated by my hubby on all things government, because how BORING is that? But I clicked on the stupid link he sent anyway, and read the rest of the sad tale:

The city’s contribution to the project includes a $35 million cash donation, a $7 million land donation, plus tax increment financing (meaning, the city forfeits taxes on the venture), a community improvement district and a contract that will give Loews exclusive catering rights in the Convention Center’s Grand Ballroom and Conference Center for 15 years.

So…no tax money from this project for roads, schools, or any other basic city service, for little things like cops, for instance!

I bet you anything the high rollers are making out though.

Reading his email today came on the heels of another sad tale. This one, about former beloved Jackson County Executive, Mike Sanders’s, downfall today.

I think the public has lost the ability for a gut check. Can’t seem to tell the white hats from the black hats, not even to save their first born’s life.

But this is too heady to leave as it is. I’ll post something fun later to get our minds off of it, I promise!

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