Funk, a long way from the sticks of West Virginia. Or, as I call it, West V*gina.

Because I’ve been afraid to fly for 20 years, I’ve saved up an amazing amount of credit card travel points. So, his happiness is not just from making it out of his home state, but from getting a much needed, yet all expenses paid vacation.

This time next week, though, comes the hammer. A week-long cleanse in paradise! That’s when West Virginia will look good to him again!

But suck it up husband. Health first, so you can enjoy the years ahead.

The photo: Funk in Kona, the morning after arrival. BYW: a big thank you goes to whichever one of my Facebook friends it was that told me about the SOAR program for fear of flying. It gave me some new techniques for dealing with this ridiculous phobia.

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