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I am considering this cover for the first book in my 3-part book series.

I would love feedback on the cover. If you have the time and inclination, I would value your opinion.

I have provided information on the series below, but here is the feedback I’m seeking for Book 1:

a. Is the cover art and title compelling?
b. Does the cover art and title speak to the contents of the book?
c. Do you have a better idea for the cover and title?

This is the series arc:

Book 1: Encompasses this neurotic homebody’s traipse through Europe, after which, I come home, get my children off to school, visit my grieving mother (because as it turns out, unbeknownst to me for two weeks, my father dropped dead while I was on the boat on my way to Europe – P.S. I was afraid to fly at the time), and then begin setting up Funk’s campaign headquarters for mayor(the headquarters is eventually called The DoubleWide).

This book is not about the campaign yet. It’s about me helping Funk get set up for his run for mayor, but it does include his reasons for running

Book 2: Opens with Funk quitting his job and joining his campaign for mayor. Immediately after his announcement press conference, the phones at the DoubleWide started ringing off the hook. I was supposed to bow out of helping him that day, but since he didn’t have volunteers yet, I felt compelled to stay and answer said phones. This little nobody eventually became his campaign manager, by default

Book 3: The story of how it came to be that I was legally banned from city hall: the politics of the White Hat (Funk) vs the Black Hats (the establishment who almost bankrupted Kansas City)

*All books in the series, while they have weight, are meant to be an entertaining read.

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