Funk is a head guy.

He lives all things politics. Directs his efforts to influencing policy, trying to help make our nation a government for the people again.

I’m a heart person.

So I can’t really speak to the debate that’s going on with the Kavanaugh nomination.

What I can speak to is the horror of not being believed.

Especially when it’s on purpose.

For immoral gain.

To be accused of something by the enemy in power is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

You lose a lot of friends over it.

First, because deep down, your “friends” either believe the news, or they are afraid of standing beside you, because they fear having the negative spotlight trained on them too, for no valid reason. Then, it’s because you swept them out of your life, what with them having left you to fight the good fight. Alone.

It’s hard to cope with horror without friends.

Funk says this of my experience in the mayor’s office, “They poured acid over you and exposed your steel core.”

Back then, I didn’t know I had a steel core.

I’m kinda seeing it now.

The problem is, if this is what strong looks like, we’re in a world of hurt.

No one will ever know the truth between Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, except for them. But take heart, and do right, because there is karma, and it will get you one day.

#We’reAllConnected #BeNice! #DoGood

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