Funk had a vision.

What is going on!

Is the world really coming to an end this time?

My boy is as opposite from me as it gets. He’s a head guy and I’m a heart girl. He uses logic to navigate the world, whereas I go mostly by intuition, and the answering feeling I get in my gut when I pray.

Funk doesn’t know if there’s an afterlife, rarely has a “feeling” about anything, and has never had a vision before.

But he’s back in Hawaii with me now, and is re-falling-in-love with the remote little place that we’ve stayed at three times now. So it was that he felt such incredible peace this morning that he had a vision of us looking at this same view ten years from now.

He’s a mutt, not Italian like me, so I don’t know if I trust his sign, but I love it here so much that I’m running with it.

He BETTER make it happen.

Until then, let me tell what Funk’s happy looks like.

It’s April. It’s 11am down at our little place in Hawaii, shortly after his “vision.” It’s 85 degrees outside. The sun is shining. The water is achingly blue. My husband is happy. But it’s the way Funk does happy. Which is a really weird happy. He sings when he’s happy. And currently, he’s belting out the words to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Lord, please save me from this man!

Here’s wishing that you, too, have someone who is crazy about you, even if he doesn’t resemble in the slightest any of the characters in Cinderella.

The photo: Funk doing joyful. Try not to laugh. He won’t hear you, but I will. And yes, he’s pointing the wrong way.

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