You are They.

That’s what I think whenever I hear someone say “they” should do something about “this.”

They, being other people—usually the system—and This, being the current disaster—usually something related to politics.

But that’s what I think when I hear that kind of talk. I don’t say it. Not directly.

Because just like with my adult children, if I want to encourage them to do something about whatever it is that is making them upset—for my words to have an impact, I have to come in through the back door with them.

What I try to say instead is, “If you were in charge, what would you do?” And after hearing their response, “Wow, that’s a really great idea!”

Sometimes to empower others, all it takes is holding a mirror up to help them see their own strength.

Not everyone is a natural-born fighter. A leader. An activist. And many others have allowed themselves to be stuck in 7th grade, afraid to be different from the pack, because they feel it’s too risky to make their voices heard.

But when you plant a seed, some take root. And some of those eventually become beautiful things that you put into the world.

Here’s to you if you’re doing the work of They! Because in time, all of our burdens will be lighter from your efforts.

The photo: The Grateful Dead. Unintentional leaders.

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