I don’t like the “business” of writing.

I didn’t realize I was starting another business when I released my first book last May.

Still, I know from experience, if you want to succeed at any goal, you have to throw yourself completely in.

With that in mind, I’ve researched how novice authors became bestsellers. And what I’ve learned is that it takes more than just writing a good book. Meaning, you have to get it into the hands of lots of people.

Authors who don’t succeed, just release their books and let it sit. But those who reach the bestseller lists, promoted the book like mad until they were noticed, and the process usually took two years.

Two years! Blah.

I love writing and wish I could just go back to that. But I can’t. Not if I want my series to have an impact. To lend encouragement to people like me. The anxious types who long for a bigger, more carefree life. People who want their voices to matter. Citizens who want more than just the top 1% running our country.

Though I’m groaning over the task at hand, I will throw myself in, knowing my method works.

I’ve only failed once, and that was getting Funk re-elected mayor of Kansas City. That said, it also happened to be the ONLY time I went after a goal and had people with tons of money conspiring to keep me from reaching it.

This week I’m throwing myself in by participating in Amazon Prime Day. Offering my book at a 50% discount

Here’s to you if you have goals you would never give up on, as quitting is the only way to fail. Well, unless you, too, have people with deep pockets wanting you to disappear.

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