“Funk. Why do I have to use an asterisk when I write the word f*ck?”

“Because it’s cute.”

“It’s not cute, it’s totally phony.”

My husband gave me the look that our dead dog, Ginny-dog, used to give me whenever she didn’t know how to respond, so I let it go. And I think the Heavens rewarded my restraint because I soon came upon a study regarding the use of cursing.

Before I get to that, let me tell you about my mother. She’s ninety-three, and I bet you anything she can out-curse anyone on Facebook. You’d never know it by her meek demeanor, but then again, you weren’t raised by her. You should hear some of the things she’s called me! It would take your breath away.

Still, it’s my Italian heritage to curse and I have no shame in it. That said, in the family that Funk and I raised, we had rules: No one was allowed to curse AT anyone, nor was anyone allowed to curse in front of people they didn’t know. Other than that, cursing was fair game in our home.

Back to the research. It seems there was a study done by two psychologists in 2014 which showed that people who use profanities are more honest, make better friends and are more intelligent. The research also revealed that cursing is a sign of healthy verbal ability.

So, there I was, all those years, on the cutting edge, and Funk didn’t even know it.

Here’s to you if you’re passionate enough to drop a “f*ck it all” every now and then. Because it’s way better than screaming at your husband for saying something stupid.

The photo: One of my favorite pictures of Funk-the-Mayor. That job taught him how to multi-task. Can you imagine the skill involved in waiting for the elevator while also browsing email on your phone?

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