I am in constant prayer.

But not in any organized way. I was baptized Catholic—and while my intuition tells me Jesus probably existed, and that he probably did many selfless acts, and that his mother was probably a powerful woman (how she came up pregnant is something I could give two cares about)—but that’s where my dance with Catholicism begins and ends.

I do believe, though.

In a higher being. In powerful entities. In an afterlife. And that we all go there. And there is no hell. My thinking on that last topic comes from being a parent myself. Because if I would never send my sometimes-horrid children to such a place, why would the Ultimate Being—the embodiment of the female and male joined—ever do such a thing to one of their own?

Living without organized religion is sometimes difficult. It means I’m on my own with inspiration, prayer and ritual.

For inspiration, I try not to dismiss the messages received as ruminations of my mind. Because those types of thoughts are so much greater than anything my earthly self could come up with. In fact, my best writing doesn’t begin with me.

For prayer, I just chat Spirit up all day long.

When I see an ambulance go by, I ask that peace and health be sent to the poor person who needed it right then. When I see a dead animal on the road, I pray for its life and those it left behind. If I make a mistake—if the dead animal turns out to be a garbage bag—I say, “Oops God, false alarm!” and I always get an answering feeling in my gut that my humor is appreciated. That I am loved. Adored, even.

When I have something big in my soul that needs to change, I make up rituals.

That’s how I became a New and Better Me. How I went from living life curled in a fetal position, to leading the bigger, more carefree existence I’d always dreamed of.

And so can you.

If you can imagine a different destiny for yourself, you can certainly bring it to fruition. Because if this lowly girl can do it, anyone can.

Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come at an early age. It took me many decades to learn how to throw my glamour high and go after my dreams. I didn’t think I had what it took to manifest them, but here I am, sixty-one years old, standing in confidence, standing in power.

Blowing kisses to you if you’re also trying to evolve, because if you put your mind to it, there’s no way you can lose.

The Photo: The higher being is everywhere. The strength is yours, just for the asking.

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