Burning and cleansing.

Those are the words that come to mind whenever I try making sense of what’s happening now.

The situation has me revisiting the revolution the hippies started in the 60’s, wondering if this is the culmination of our efforts. I’m pulled to the music from those times, playing albums on my stereo instead of listening online.

The lyrics seem a portent to what’s being asked of us today.

This, by the Ozark Mount Daredevils, “Beauty in the River.”

We must all stand in the water
We must find it when we roam
It don’t matter what is said
We can wake up from the dead
And roll away the stone
We can roll away the stone (hallelujah)

I feel like this a holy time, so I’m trying to stand in my highest self, but the fact is, I remain just a lowly wife.

My husband—who used to be gone most of the time—IS NOW ALWAYS HOME.

Millions of wives across the globe will likely resonate with what my beautiful exchange daughter confided the other day, “I’m gonna be a widow soon.” Funk and Spirit both know that last sentiment is just my dark sense of humor firing, so please don’t pay it mind.

Humor is a great poultice. It summons courage, strength, power, love and healing capabilities. Once you get a handle on that, spread it within, and then out to the world.

Here’s to you if you’re also looking beyond the inconveniences, trying to find the meaning behind this surreal time.

The photo: My man and me, 50 miles up the road from one of the most sacred places I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing. My heart yearns to be there each year, and especially now.

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