I grew up in a violent home, and the world outside matched it.

President Kennedy was gunned down. And then his brother Robert. Martin Luther King Jr. was obliterated from earth. There were riots over Civil Rights. Women’s Liberation. The Vietnam War.

No wonder I suffered from anxiety.

Most people would find it hard to believe that I’m shy by nature. I have to force myself to speak up, and it still causes me anxiety when I do.

But I’m no quitter. A revolution was begun in the 60’s and never finished. So I will keep doing my part to complete that circle. Keep calling attention to atrocities. Keep voicing the need for humans to be more real, while stepping in compassion.

And I’ll keep at it even if it annoys others. Has me standing on a limb. Alone. Lonely.

The violence described above should’ve never happened. People killed, because they wanted equality. Love. Peace. No parent should go through what those Kent State parents did, and only because their children had the courage to speak up.

Because remember.

Four dead in Ohio
Four dead in Ohio
Four dead in Ohio
Four dead in Ohio
Ack, four dead in Ohio!

The photo: The 50th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre.

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