“What a twat!”

Some anonymous dude said that to me. Then added that I wasn’t rational. Of course, he did this over the internet. Because a guy with liquid balls doesn’t have the courage to say something like that to your face.

Here’s what I wrote to elicit such words.

“Not being a woman of color or male, this is how I feel about the murder of George Floyd,” 1) It’s not rational to kill a handcuffed man. 2) Nice wasn’t cutting it, and it was only a matter of time before the oppressed resorted to other measures. 3) As far back as anyone can remember, wars have been waged for these reasons.”

We are living a huge moment in history.

There is a burning and cleansing happening right before our very eyes. We’ve been complacent for way too long. The pandemic is here to force us to do what we wouldn’t do for ourselves. Out with the old, in with the new!

Because oppression of any kind—be it economic, gender, race, religious—will only remain quiet for so long.

Being from an oppressed segment of society—though nothing as comparatively oppressive as what people of color endure—here’s something I’ve been wondering about lately. If women are a majority, how can it be that we remain oppressed?

The only answer I’ve lighted on so far is that women are unconsciously doing the work of their oppressors.

I’ve recently become aware of a terrible truth that exists in me. I know in my head that women are equal to men, yet my heart has taken in the misogynist belief that we are inferior. That was a shock to discover. How could I have assimilated such bullshit?

Oppressors are sly.

They’ve made it such that the oppressed turn against their own instead of standing together in strength to release the whole from their jailers. My conclusion is based on this: 1) The 1% remain in charge. 2) Many women call strong women cunts. 3) Blacks kill each other at too high a rate. 4) Organized religion often inhibits a personal relationship with our maker.

I wish violence wasn’t happening, but it makes sense why it is. And to that I say, bring it the hell on. It’s time to acknowledge that everyone walking the planet together are brothers and sisters. As family, it’s our duty to circle the wagons when one of us is down, and not let go until they rise up strong.

The silver lining of being called a twat? Irrational?

I have an awareness now that there will be no turning back from. So, to that ball-less wonder I say, “Thank you, sir. Very much. You’ve just handed me the key to the jail cell. You have no idea what you’ve just unleashed.”

Here’s to you for having the courage to put aside the urge to blame, and instead, be a voice that helps right the wrongs. For this burning and cleansing is about love, peace, compassion and equality. There’s an abundance on earth for everyone to have a healthy share of their heart’s desire. There’s no need for anyone to be going around hoarding everything for themselves.

The photo: My holy place.

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