Who would want me?

Well, wonder of all wonders, it’s seems my daughter does.

She’s moving back to Kansas City and wants to build a little cabin in the woods and have Funk and I live in a separate quarter with her.

There’s no way I’d live with my kid FULL time—I’d rather be homeless in Hawaii than be dependent on anyone—including a child of my womb. Still, it’s nice to be wanted.

Or, maybe not.

Perhaps Tara is like her father and is just using me. Say, for my excellent markswoman skills? I mean she did ask that I bring my 12-gauge along.

Anyways, we’re looking for both a builder and land recommendations.

The location: 5 heavily wooded acres close to North Kansas City where her best friend lives.

Thinking outside the box, if you know someone who’s looking to sell off a small piece of their own property, I’d appreciate that referral too.

Do you think KC can handle the Funks walking about town again?

No matter.

Because we’re going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come. They got some crazy little woman coming back and she’s looking to buy herself some land.

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