Well, well.

Look who was right.


And well, well, look who didn’t get credit for sounding the alarm bells.


The Convention Hotel that was pushed forward despite Funk’s warning is now in terrible financial shape, according to a 9-8-20 Pitch article.

“In the last 25 years, Kansas City has expanded Bartle Hall twice, helped developers renovate the hotel now known as Kansas City Marriott Downtown, and put taxpayers on the hook for revenue shortfalls at the Power & Light District.”

And surprise of all surprises, regarding the hotel making a comeback once Covid leaves us, “… maybe all of that is more wishful thinking.”

History continues to prove that if you line the Establishment’s pocketS with Kansas City taxpayer dollars, the only people who suffer are the residents who call Kansas City home.

Wouldn’t it be better to allocate tax revenue to the categories it belongs: To basic services, for little things, like reducing the crime rate?

Mayor Mark Funkhouser takes stand against proposed convention hotel

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