Can you feel the Shift? Nothing making sense?

That’s how it’s been for me, for a long time now. All I know anymore is what I DON’T know.

With my head, that is. I understand with my gut. I just can’t put it into words. And there’s no understanding the why of it. The how to get to the other side. The when-will-whatever-this-is fucking birth itself already.

And yet I know that it will, and that all will be well.

That all IS well.

That I’ll reach the other side of whatever is taking place on earth. And that whatever it’s ushering in will be better, even if the experience feels like a physical blow to my body. And one day, I’ll make sense of it with my head. Be able to write about it. Offer a glimmer of understanding to those who haven’t reached the other side, yet who are longing to get there just as much as I am right now. And that my words will help them resituate in the newness that’s blossoming before our eyes.

Do you feel it too?

I don’t think everyone can. We humans are spinning towards a new way of being in the world. To truth. Love. Relating. Taking care of one another. Some of us are reaching for the light—even when it’s throw-up scary—while others are choosing to remain here, in the old ways.

Who knows what’s right or wrong? If there even is a right or wrong.

I’m tired of pondering it, moaning about it. Now, I’m just trying to elicit faith, reach for positive, believe in the ride.

And I will.

And because I will, I will get to the other side of the change that’s occurring on the planet.

I think others can sense that I’ll make it too, because I am SUPER popular right now. My inbox is exploding with emails from SavageGrow, Michael Thug, ProstateWarning and many, many others. I don’t know these people, but since they’re getting in touch several times a day, they must be on to me!

Here’s to you if you’re also fielding the jolts of our collective growing pains. If you’re trying to enjoy the ride, instead of curling into a fetal position waiting for it to pass. Might as well go tits to the wall with it, since we can’t stop whatever it is that’s happening.

The photo: I see birth everywhere—am drawn to the holes in nature.
Loose Park, Kansas City, MO
Courtesy of my beloved friend, Yan Jun

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