Crowing comes from the rooster
Morning comes from God.

I wish I said that.

But I didn’t. That’s Shams Tabriz’s astuteness.

I recently discovered Rumi—that bigness brought to me by spiritual helper and new friend—and so it is apropos that Shams is Rumi’s friend.

Coleman Barks’ Soul Fury, says, “Love, together with kindness … are the book that we delight in studying, this shared experience of being alive. The excitement and the depth of sharing—that friendship—are some of what Rumi and Shams are teaching.”

My greatest joy and delight has always come from being with others. Witnessing and expressing the wonders and heartbreaks of what we are individually here on earth to learn.

Here’s to you if you notice the big shift taking place, with your senses taking in every nuance.

“Find your place and close your eyes,
So your heart can start to see.
When you give up being self-absorbed, your being becomes a great community.” —Rumi

Yeah, right. Give up being self-absorbed? Well, something to aspire to.

The Photo: The power and majesty of my beloved cliff in Hawaii. How I long to go back—and, without effort—be restored and transformed again.

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